Product Name
Product Description
Our flexo printing and punching machine provides pan for paper cup. It can be used for 25 paper cup forming machine with high speed. This punching machine can show you very high performance and quality
Required Field:50 m2
Total Electricity Consumption:5 kW 380 V, 3 Phases 50 - 60 Hz
Capacity:60 Mt / Max
Number of Employees:1
Required / Air, Water and Fuel:6 Bar Air Presseure 300 Lt/Munite
This is an economical and environmental friendly printer for printing cup paper, suitable for both single and double side PE coating paper, use water baisc ink, you can get different cup printing size and quality by changing printing cylinders and anilox rollers, so the the printing quality can reach your demend.
Machine Units List:
a) 4 colors printing stations
b) Laminating
c) Mitsubishi automatic tension controller for unwinding
d) Automatic tension controller for rewinding made in China
e) 4 pcs of ceramic Alinox (line number on your request)
f) 1 set of plate roller ( 8 pcs per set)
g) IR dryer for each station. (UV at extra cost
Machine specification:
a) Max. printing speed: 60m/min
b) Printing color: 4 colors
c) Max paper roll width: 1200mm
d) Max printing width: 840mm
e) Max unwinding diameter: 1200mm
f) Max rewinding diameter: 1200mm
g) Printing girth: 175-370mm
h) Chromatography precision: ±0.15mm
Accessory list attached with machine package
a) Tool kit: one set of tool, 2 pcs of metal pieces and screws for installation
b) Ink scraper: 8 pcs
c) Operating manual: 1 set
d) Air gun: 1pc
e) Step belt: 450H/38.1mm, 1pc
f) Step belt: 630H/38.1mm, 1pc
Plate roller bearing sheath: 10 pcs
It is a good choice for punching and die cutting cup wall paper with different size by changing moulds, high speed and good performance.   Paper feeding in roll, a good partner for the flexo printer.
It comes with steel die, so it’s a good choice for you if you have no more than 5 size, as changing mould quite costly.
Technical Data:
1. Max Paper Width: 850mm
2. Max Speed: 200 Strokes/min-
3. Control System: AC Servo Motor (Delta, 1000kw)
4. Max unwinding diameter: 1200mm
5. Max rewinding diameter: 1200mm.
6. Electric Power: 5 KW
Measurement: 6,300mm×1,800mm×2,300mm
Weight: 5000kgs
The brand of materials:                 
Servo motors: Omron or ABB we prefer Omron brand PLC or motion Control : 
if desired Omron brand hot glue: Buhnen or Robotech depending on the             
country where it goes. Register Control: Japanese or German firm.          
Bearings: SKF     
Magnetic power brake: Dutch origin      
Pressure Control: Turkish origin                
Other electrical materials: Schnider German Company 
Machine is painted by water and corrosion resistant two-component epoxy primer and paint.
Note: Our company reserves the right to make changes in technical specifications of the machines as deemed necessary without prior notice.
EXTRA MOULD (Optional Feature) (OR-CQ-850E)