Product Name
Product Description
Required Field:33mt*6mt
Total Electricity Consumption:31 KW / 380 V/ 3 PHASES
Capacity:22-25 plats /minute
Number of Employees:4 PERSON
Required / Air, Water and Fuel:6 Bar Air Presseure
It is for wafer batter
Double tank
a) Mixer
b) Storage, stock tank
Stainless steel
Turbo mixing system
Easy to discharge, special door design
Automatic bypass system
Discharge, pump or manuel  
Technic Details :
Entrance power: 6,25 Kw
Voltage:380 V, 3 Faz, N, Pe, 50 Hz
Capacity:100 kg
Machine Dimensions :
Width:640 mm          
Lenght:1780 mm
Height:1610 mm
WAFER BAKING OVEN 51 PLATES 290*470 (F51-290470)
Fully automatic, efficient running with very fine heat distribution and high quality isolation,
350 x 500 - 290 x 500 - 280 x 380 mm standart plate size or private size for customers.High production with 40 plates per oven
Baking system well matched with LPG or Naturel gas,
Gas security system,mechanical locking system,secure running with warning equipments,
Min. Maintanance expenditure ,because of well matched and high quality devices used  during the production of the machine,
Automatic wafer batter dosage by the way of special batter pomp,
Automatic flame control,
Automatic ignation,
Automatic sheet and rim taking,
With automatic cleaning system on the bottom,
With PLC control and touch panel,
Wheels and opening bearings are special and  heat stable.Greasing is once in a 6 months,
Technical specifications
Wafer plate nr: 51
Type of the fuel: Naturel gas, LPG
Natural gas consuming: 21-23 m3/ hr max.
LPG consuming: 16-18m3/hr max
Remembering gas pressure: 2-10 kPa for matural gas and LPG
Electric power for motor: 8 kw
Voltage: 380 V 3 FAZ, N, Pe, 50 Hz
Plates: Cr covered
Plate dimension: 290x470 mm
Necessary air pressure: 6 bar
Capasity: 18-20 plate/min
Machinery dimensions
Width: 1400 mm
Length: 9000 mm - 10000 mm
Hight: 1900 mm
Baked wafer sheets are cooling  at ambien and some tensioning are taking on them.
It is running with syncranously with the before and after stations,
This machine is able to run for only automatic wafer baking ovens that is made by ORSE MACHINE
It has enterance conveyor,
Automatic passage for wafer sheets,
At the beginning,there is a seperation unit for breaking wafer plate(It is optional),
Stacking at the exit
Technical specifications
Capasity: 100 sheets
Plalate dimension: 290x470 - 350x500 mm
Input power: 1 Kw
Volatage: 380 V 3 faz, N, Pe, 50 Hz
Machinery dimensions
Width: 750 mm
Length: 2750 mm
Height: 2400 m

It is fully produced and covered  as stainless steel
It is supplying the creaming the wafer plates,
It is suitable to creaming 3-4-5 overlaped sheets,
It has automatic feeding system,
It has height adjusting that user want,
At the end of outlet belt, there is pressing unit,
It has automatic or manuel feeding,
It is complately steel covered,
Cream tank inside has mixing element,
Cream thickness is adjusted automatically,
Automatic passage is possible on plate cooling,
It possible to choice nr of overlapped sheets,
Liquid cream spreading,
With plc control,with tauch panel,
Technical specifications:
Plate dimension:290 x 470 - 350 x 500 mm
Input power:3 kw
Voltage:380 V 3 FAZ, N, Pe, 50 Hz
Air pressure necessity:6 bar
capasity:35 plate / min
Spread width:290 - 470 - 500 mm
Cream thickness:1 -2,5 mm
Machinery Dimension:
Width:1000 mm
Length:2400 mm
Height:1390 mm


It has  tank and I t is made with 304 Cr-Ni quality  material.It is an automatic mixer to preparing the homogenous cream.There are 3 cutting and mixing element which are placed  on side, on middle , and on buttom..
Heating system is using depend on the cream micron.It makes aeration also.It is jacketed and it has heat keeping properties,Automatically cream is dicharged to waiting - feding tank and later on it is discharged to spreading unit hopper by the sensors depends on the cream liquidty.
There Are two unit globe pomp on our mixer.
Machinery dimensions:
Outer diameter: 823 mm
Inner diameter: 750 mm  
Height: 750 mm
Total height: 1350 mm
Mixing element: 2,2 kw 20 rpm
Beater element: 2,2 kw 560 rpm
Cutter: 2,2 kwa 1400 rpm
Buffer mixing element: 2,2 kw 20 rpm
It is special design for economical cooling for only sheets or creamed and overlaped sheets,
Easy cleaning and maintance with side doors,
Side doors have the transparent Windows to follow the process inside the machine,
Doors are stainless steel,
Both dry and water cooling system applicable,
Vertical(Lift) running principle,
Technical specifications:
Cooling tunnel with vertical lift,
Capasity: 24 000 Kcal/hr
Cooling time: 3-15 min(It depend on the type of the product),
Input power: 8,5 kw
Machinery dimension;
Width: 950 mm
Length: 2000 mm
Height: 4100 mm
It makes cutting the creamed wafer sheet blocks,
It is possible to supply manuel and automatic feding,
It is possible to cut the creamed overlaped sheet,  one by one or blocked
It can run mechanically,
Complately stainless steel,
Cutting system equiped with wires, but in case of the demanding knife cutting system is also possible,
Double position cutting
Automatic passing after the tunnel,
Seperating and collecting belt can be adding after the cutting,
There is a block turning system before cutting,
Technical specifications
Plate dimension: 290x380-290x470-350x500 mm
Input power: 2.2kw
voltage: 380 v 3 phase, N, Pe.50 Hz
Cutting height: 60 mm
Capasity: 18 pair cutting/min
Machinery dimensions
Width: 1500 mm
Length: 1600 mm
Height: 900 mm

Motor power: 0.75 HP
Length: 300 cm
Width: 40 cm
Height: 79 cm